Creating and sustaining competitive advantage.

Valuo provides strategic advice, transaction execution and business transformation services to corporates, SME, privately owned businesses and investors.

Why your competitive advantage matters.

A strong competitive position …

… secures the long-term future of your business.
… increases the value of your company.
… improves your negotiation power during transactions.
… attracts better employees, more customers and favourable financing.

“A good business is like a strong castle with a deep moat around it. I want sharks in the moat. I want it untouchable.”

-Warren Buffet

Our capabilities.

Identify and execute strategic options to create and sustain superior performance.

Board Advisory

As a reliable, long-term partner, Valuo provides strategic and analytical excellence to identify, evaluate and prioritise strategic options available to your business.

Transactions (M&A)

Valuo’s seasoned deal teams support you from defining your M&A strategy to executing transactions (e.g. acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, or exits).


We lead and implement operational change to drive growth and profitability, manage post-merger integration (PMI), and deliver successful turnarounds.

Our expertise.

Enhance your in-house capabilities with the most experienced leaders in your sector.

Our promise.

Your agenda is our agenda. We provide you with knowhow and capacity to solve your business’ challenges. Our success is measured by your results.


Add resource and knowhow whenever required. Immediately, flexible and scalable.


Our approach includes internal and external factors influencing your competitive position.


We impact all areas of your value chain to identify and realise your full potential.


We measure our value in improvements of your success.